“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

– Henry David Thoreau


We are very familiar with the first half of Thoreau’s quote; almost no one knows the last half. As Thoreau noted, most men live secretly desperate lives. It’s the consequence of never having learned that there is a song inside them that only they can sing. Their lives are more quiet and more desperate, and the world is emptier, as a result.


Occupation refers to a man’s job, his means of employment and provision. Vocation, the root of which comes from the Italian word voce, meaning voice, refers to calling. Vocation is much deeper than occupation. It’s the still, quiet inner voice that calls a man to a life of meaning and genuine significance.


At Peregrine Ministries we believe that God has designed each person with a unique “constellation” of gifts, talents, values and passions. One person is no more special than another. But each person is absolutely unique; no one is exactly the same. Every man has a God-given calling, a mission, in life. We help men discover it.


We call it your North Star.
Like that celestial anchor in the northern sky, a man’s mission is always visible no matter where he is in his life journey. It serves as a never-moving point of reference. And, like the North Star, a man’s mission remains the center point of the choices he makes in his journey. Major decisions all revolve around his mission.


Whether individually, or in group settings, we provide guidance in helping men identify their calling, passion and mission in life.  Sessions consist of reading assignments and discussions that bring to the surface a man’s highest priorities and deepest values, culminating in a concise, powerful and inspiring life mission statement.


To learn more about this ministry of Peregrine contact Craig at craig@peregrineministries.org  or 719.229.8258.