“Craig and Jim, can you pass on to us the lessons you’ve learned and principles that work as you’ve led men over the past 30 years?”

In a word, absolutely! That’s one of our highest priorities with the Noble Man Project. 

Leading men is challenging, especially on a deep heart and spirit level. Women by contrast naturally engage with each other on a relational level. “Women gather; men scatter. Women rapport; men report.”

Getting men together is like herding cats. They may resist it, but men desperately need that connection. When they find a place that provides respectful, genuine brotherhood, they won’t leave it.

We at Peregrine Ministries have led ministry to men in six churches in four states. We have started men’s groups from scratch and led as many as 800 men in small groups. We have facilitated weekly men’s teaching and community groups for 15 years consisting of over 200 men from more than 50 churches.

Our priority now is to help men who are currently leading men or have a vision to do so in the future. We want to equip and encourage you. 

We do this through:

  • 8-week cohorts consisting of up to 30 men.
  • A video library of teaching series given to men in small and large group settings.
  • Personal individual coaching with you as you shepherd your own group of men.

“How does Craig get all these men to show up every week? This is amazing.”  I sensed the Lord say to me, “Craig knows how to draw men to honesty and then give them hope.”

Gary, Church Pastor, CO

The Journey has been a place of holy transparency as the men at our table choose to open their lives and share the battles and the victories they are facing. This is by far the best men’s group and ministry I have ever experienced.

It is a privilege to be a part of The Journey.  Sometimes I get an opportunity to share with family and friends just what is going on with this anomaly.  Most agree how rare it is see a men’s ministry last so many years, much less grow! (and during a pandemic during which most ministries have suffered greatly).  What an inspiration and glory to God!

Inventive encouragement!!  Craig, you have an amazing gift to men, of being inventive….creative… in bringing forth Father’s revelations which yields “life-giving”encouragement, springs of living water!

My group completed the last lesson this morning. It was a good time of sharing about the lessons we have learned from the book.  I shared how the Holy Spirit has worked not only in the group but touched lives of people beyond this group in part because of the ministry of this group and the book we are studying.

Roy, Noble Journey group, IN

In a grand way I want to thank Craig and the other men who shared with us their hearts and for their time in preparation. This whole session has been top notch and appreciated. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect.

Rick, Pensylvania

Your the best. Our group has been a source of strength and inspiration during a really challenging season in my life. I have seen more Holy Spirit in the seasons with our group than many years at my church. Thanks for your guidance.

Erik, Colorado

Craig, your teaching continues to reach my heart and challenge me to be a more fervent Christ follower. I desire to be a light in the world and your teaching guides me in that journey. Thank you for your faithfulness to teaching the word and guiding men as they navigate the turbulent waters as leaders of their families, in their workplace and in their communities.

Rob, Colorado

Your teaching was incredibly anointed.. I am speechless. The Lord’s favor is with you.

Dick, Illinois

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