At Peregrine we believe in the power of Story, just like Jesus did. We pass on honesty and hope for men through biblical principles and inspiring stories.Craig and Jim are gifted speakers who vulnerably share their own life lessons as well as insights from their years of experience working with men.The bottom line is we guide and inspire men by helping them understand what God had in mind when he made them men.

Teaching Topics:

Noble Journey

Our core message to men defining the profoundly important pilgrimage each man is on in his life:

  • Why Men Matter
  • The Identity of Noble Men
  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy
  • God’s Charge to Men

Four Pillars of a Noble Man

A series of messages on the four key attributes of a man

  • The Courage of a Warrior
  • The Compassion of a Lover
  • The Conviction of a Mentor
  • The Confidence of a King

The Roles of a Man

Living out our roles as Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather

Leaving a Life-giving Legacy

Helping men understand their personal impact in the lives of women, children and in the world

Freedom From Shame

Learning the crucial difference between guilt and shame, and how to find freedom from the shame that clings to men like a weight on their shoulders. This message can be a spiritual turning point in your life.

North Star- Finding Your Mission in Life

Discovering your personal, God-given life calling that serves as your own North Star— it’s visible wherever you go, and everything else rotates around it. This experience can bring new meaning and significance to men who have struggled with uncertainty and doubt about their impact.

God’s Charge to Men

A series of five messages, or a one-day retreat for the encouragement and inspiration of men facing the weight of life challenges.

  • Be on your guard
  • Stand firm in the faith
  • Be men of courage
  • Be strong
  • Do everything in love

Passage to Manhood

A 13 lesson series of messages for teenage boys, their fathers, or older mentors.

Mark 12:30, 31 serve as the foundation

  • The Value of Work
  • Rejecting Shame
  • Living in Purity
  • Admitting and Healing Woundedness
  • Honoring Women
  • Building Character
  • Building a Band of Brothers
  • God Rules
  • Jesus Saves
  • Discovering Your Mission

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