Many men go through life working at a job that neither satisfies their longing for meaning and purpose, nor utilizes their God-given strengths and giftedness. Peregrine Ministries can help.


Craig is a certified Career Coach qualified to use the unique materials designed by the IDAK group. IDAK is a career guidance system used by Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government agencies, which matches your personal talents, skills and values with over 90,000 career options throughout the country.


The IDAK program can be applied in individual coaching sessions as well as group settings within a business, ministry or church.


Craig uses this system designed especially for mid-career adults to:

• Learn your Interests, Natural Talents and Values. Most other systems evaluate only
one or two of these

• Match your unique aptitudes and values to 90,000 career options within business, military,
non-profit and government organizations

• Recommend specific organizations and job titles in which you would not only be effective,
but fulfilled

• Give you a step-by-step personalized field manual to use as your search guide

IDAK overview

No one can guarantee you a job; but we can assure you that you will have a clear idea of a career direction where you will be both effective and fulfilled, and a clear path of how to pursue it. 

To learn more about this ministry of Peregrine contact Craig at  or 719.229.8258.

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