The mission of Peregrine Ministries is to guide and inspire men on their life journey, to help them pass on a life-giving legacy.

The Latin root of the word “Peregrine” means pilgrim. We are all on a pilgrimage—a physical journey with a spiritual destination—involving highs and lows, twists and turns. When men come out of isolation, engage in genuine relationships and soak in the beauty of creation, they will hear the deep voice of the Spirit that guides them toward life’s higher calling.

Through TEACHING, TRAINING AND MENTORING, Peregrine Ministries helps men identify their highest priorities and their deepest values. We inspire men to live fully from their heart, soul, mind and strength so that they bring life and grace to the people with whom they live and work.

Our vision is to see a growing community of men who:

  • Understand their identity in Christ
  • Embrace their role as men
  • Live out the personal calling God has for their life

Coaching, Mentoring and Career Guidance Services
Over 35 years of administrative and ministry leadership experience in advising hundreds of people have prepared us to provide your ideal combination of Life Coaching and Career Guidance. Our services include the following options:

Career Assessment and Guidance
Certified as a Career Coach with IDAK, Portland, OR
Application of the Career Match Assessment System to match talents, skills and values with career options in over 60,000 career fields

Mission Discovery
Guidance in identifying vocation, calling, passion, mission in life
Consists of reading assignments and discussion

Life Coaching and Mentoring
Focusing on lasting growth and health in key life priorities

Decision and Transition Coaching
Assistance in identifying values and making decisions in crucial life transitions.