Speaking a Blessing to Your Daughter (Or Granddaughter!)

Brent Nims

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May 31, 2021


During Spring Break I had the honor of speaking at a Father-Daughter Dance on the joy and power of dads speaking a blessing to their daughters. It just so happened that my first grandchild, Bella, was in town with her family on vacation. 

I had the incredible privilege of showing the dads how to speak a blessing by doing so with Bella! It was truly one of the highlights, not only of the year for me, but of my life and relationship with a very special young lady. Neither one of us will ever forget it.

Please take a look at this video of my comments on “How to Speak a Blessing to Your Daughter.” And by the way, dads, the exact same approach and components work in blessing your son. Just use more “guy-talk!”

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