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Men matter. They just don’t think so.

Men are deeply motivated to earn respect and attain significance in their lives. But most also carry wounds of regret and shame just beneath the surface. Our culture’s message that men are far too often self-absorbed party boys, bumbling fathers, or violent predators adds weight to the internal doubts men carry.

Noble Journey: The Quest for a Lasting Legacy addresses the root causes of these patterns. Craig Glass provides insight and hope for men who refuse to be defined by the worst male stereotypes. This book is a road map for men who want their lives to count for something more than just themselves. These men matter because they live their lives for others. and in the process, they find the lasting legacy they are longing for.

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“In Noble Journey, Craig Glass powerfully engages men in the conversations every one of us are dying to talk about: sex, shame, passion, pain, significance, respect, doubt, and deception—just to name a few…”

Michael John Cusick, Founder/President, Restoring the Soul; best-selling author of Surfing for God


“Craig Glass has served for decades as a faithful guide for thousands of men and their families. Noble Journey artfully offers up the accumulated wisdom of those rich experiences…”

Bruce McNicol, President, Truefaced; best-selling co-author of The Cure


“I’m blown away by this book! Craig Glass completely reveals his heart in Noble Journey, bringing insights and relevancy to the male wound, “Do I really matter?” For anyone—man or woman—wondering if men are relevant, read this book!”

Jim Hinderliter, CEO, H2 Global Solutions


“In this book, Craig speaks to the core issues that cause men to feel disqualified. He offers hope that men can leave a life-giving legacy in spite of the wounds we’ve received or the things we’ve done…”

Mark Aubin, Co-founder, Google Earth


“Over the past 20 years, I have known Craig Glass to be a man with a clear ministry calling and impeccable integrity…There has never been a greater need for a voice that challenges men to be the servant leaders God calls them to be. In this book, Craig is that voice.”
Kathy Maas, career ministry leader


“Craig has captured the essence of what a truly noble man is. This is the man God created you to be—filled with passion, strength, and love. In Noble Journey, Craig writes out of his years of digging into Scripture, pursuing his own heart and the hearts of other men. His words are true, tried, and tested…”

Gary Barkalow, Founder, The Noble Heart; author of It’s Your Call: What Are You Doing Here


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