In March 2020 Beryl Glass was in the hospital in Chicago, while visiting grandchildren, struggling with an array of health issues. This page was created to help support Beryl and Craig through prayer support and material assistance through this time.

We thank all of you for your prayers & support during that time.

Update from Craig 3/15

More than one friend has asked me recently, “How did Beryl get so deathly ill so suddenly?” First, I’ll say that the phrase “deathly ill” was not an exaggeration. The precipitous decline in her health was intense.

As best we’ve learned Beryl experienced a cascade of increasingly critical symptoms, which actually have a great deal in common with the impact of the coronavirus:
• Visiting Disney World with some of our grandchildren, Beryl came down with the flu

• Days later, arriving in Chicago to see the rest of the grandkids, Beryl had piercing headaches, fever and terrible discomfort

• A visit to Urgent Care revealed that Beryl had atrial fibrillation, a seriously irregular heartbeat that went from a normal of 72 beats/minute to 170

• They sent her by ambulance to the nearest hospital where she was eventually admitted to the Intensive Care Unit

• Doctors confirmed Beryl did not have coronavirus, but was diagnosed with Influenza A which resulted in a severe lung infection and pneumonia

• Beryl’s Type 1 diabetes affected everything and made her even more vulnerable. For days her sugar level varied between too low and too high

• The combination of diabetes and atrial fibrillation resulted in a high possibility of a blood clot and even stroke. As a result she was put on blood thinner

• Beryl’s lungs were so filled with infection and fluid, and functioning so poorly, that she was on a mix of 90% oxygen at 90L/min (normal outside breathing is 20% oxygen at 0 additional L) for several days

• Gradually the infection and fluid in her lungs started to clear, her need for high oxygen began to decrease, and doctors stabilized her blood sugar level

• After 11 harrowing days Beryl could breath without assistance and was released


She returns to Colorado Monday, riding together with Barclay and her girls who were already planning a CO Spring Break trip. We’ll need to meet and work with cardiac and respiratory doctors to find out what steps need to be taken to protect her heart and lungs from future damage.

Beryl and I cannot express how deeply we appreciate you following these posts and praying for us. We have heard from friends from kindergarten days to college, from Finland to Switzerland and the Philippines, and from 13 years old to 82. Also, the non-stop presence and support we received from our kids was enormous.

All we can say to all of you is Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Message from Beryl 3/12

Dear friends and family,

I am humbled and honored by all of your concerns and expressions of deep love and kindness as I have been going through this illness. I am just today getting back online and reading your many comments. 

Your prayers have meant the world to me and as I recover here in Chicago, I am thinking of you and your support. THANK YOU for the wellspring of wishes!

I plan to stay here with Barclay until next Wednesday when we will be heading back to Colorado. Getting stronger every day and looking forward to getting home.

A blessing on each of your heads,


Update from Craig 3/10

This just happened! Freedom! Thank you so much for your prayers!

She got great care from this place, but hopes to never see it again!

3/9 Morning update

Hello, friends. Yesterday was a very encouraging day for Beryl. First hall walk (right past the 50 foot marker to 490 feet!), first shower (“Like a new woman”), second hall walk (1000 feet!), oxygen down to 1L/hr (from 90L four days ago). Latest chest X-rays looked improved.

Overnight was a small step back. They needed to bump her oxygen flow back up to 2L/hr and she still has quite a bit of fluid remaining in some parts of her lungs. As a result they are stepping up her breathing exercises and treatments.

A good sign: she’s starting to get ornery (her word) about her stay, this being day 10. She definitely is looking and sounding more like the Beryl we love.

Thanks for caring, cheering and praying! You’re an amazing source of support.

3/7 Morning update 

Beryl is definitely making noticeable progress on almost all levels. Sitting in chair for long time, a few steps with a walker, a little more alertness. Small victories. 

Her oxygen absorption is most dramatically improved. She was requiring 90L/minute; now only needing 9. 0 is the goal. 

That’s the main factor they’ll watch to determine progress. Living 20 years at 6500 feet has probably helped give her lungs an advantage. 

Due to her diabetes, stable maintenance of glucose is a key factor they are paying attention to. Those numbers have varied wildly in the past few days. 

So those are today’s prayer requests: gratitude for definite progress, increased effectiveness of her lungs, stable blood sugar numbers. 

Thanks Team Beryl!”

Update from Craig 3/6:

Some encouraging progress to report today. Last evening Beryl was moved out of ICU and into a room with regular care. We take that as a very good sign. At least it means she’ll have less poking, prodding and stabbing at all hours. 

This morning Beryl’s nurse bathed her and combed her hair. Glucose, heart rate and oxygen numbers are all improved. Beryl said, “I’m looking forward to this being a better day.” I’d say it already is. 

She is still extremely weak and has lost a fair bit of weight. A big step todaywould be to move over to a chair and sit up for a little while. We’ll see. 

Looking ahead, Beryl will still be hospitalized for at least a couple more days. We’re letting go of the fantasy that she will accompany me on our flight back to CO Monday night. 

We thank each one of you for expressing your love through your responses and texts. We feel well supported and cared for. Thank you dear friends.

Update from Craig 3/5:

Hey friends, we are so grateful for your prayers, love and concern for Beryl. And for me too!

Beryl’s condition this morning is mixed. She had a decent night’s sleep, but was coughing very heavily, and painfully,  this morning. That’s discouraging for her.

On the positive side, her lung x-ray looks a bit better, her breathing efficiency is improving, though still challenging, and her headaches have subsided.

In addition, her blood sugar levels are staying on a healthy level and, probably most encouraging, she looks a bit better. Her doctor, Alec and I have all noticed that.

Her intensive care doctor says she may be able to get out of ICU later today or tomorrow. Beryl would like that as it involves fewer tests, pokes and intrusions on sleep.

Your prayers and frequent words of encouragement are keeping us aloft! Thank you, friends.”

Update from Craig 3/4 6:30AM CST:

Beryl had a fairly good sleep last night. Her blood pressure and pulse rate are good this morning. 

She still is extremely weak, with a heavy cough and very  labored breathing. They have her on the highest level of oxygen possible. 

Her blood sugar is still higher than normal, but not surprising to doctors considering the variations of meds. That’s being maintained on an acceptable level. 

Beryl is holding steady, and I’m encouraged, but I don’t think she’ll be out of intensive care anytime soon. 

Thanks so much for your love and prayers. Your support is tangible.

Update from Craig 3/3:

It’s so good to be with Beryl and our daughter Barclay in the hospital. Our kids all have provided amazing care for their mom. 

Beryl is very weak but gaining a little strength each day. Today was the first time she was allowed to sit in a chair. 

Her lungs and breathing have steadily gotten worse over the past couple of days. Today’s X-ray shows a lot of fluid and infection, but her lung doctor says she actually looks better today and is hopeful that she’s been through the worst of it. 

Blood sugar is still very high, but is slowly dropping into an acceptable range. 

I look forward to to reading her your comments and responses. And, yes, she approved the pics. 

Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. It helps to be together.

Update from Craig 3/2:

Thank you so much for your prayers, calls and texts expressing concern for Beryl. She and I are both very grateful to have you with us.

​Here’s an update and please excuse the brevity:

Beryl has been in the hospital since Saturday AM and was just taken to the Intensive Care Unit so she’ll get more focused care.

They are now saying she has pneumonia which is causing heavy coughing and heavy breathing.

Her breathing rate has been extremely high ​but is beginning to drop; her oxygen level has been very low but is slowly improving.

Her blood sugar has decreased somewhat since yesterday, but is still too high. Beryl has Type I diabetes which complicates everything.

Doctors ordered a second CT scan to see if there might be any bleeding in her brain causing the painful headaches she’s had. That turned out negative (which is good!)

​All of our kids have been with her around the clock in the hospital so that has been a relief to both Beryl and me. But ​I need to get out there, too! I fly to Chicago tomorrow morning and will be there through next Monday.

Thank you so much for standing with us in this challenging experience!