Here’s a simple yet profound reminder to keep our perspective straight. It’s taken from a devotional by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who claims Jesus as Messiah.

“If you travel to different nations, you have to convert the currency of the place you’re leaving into the currency of your destination. Now what if you were going to a place from which you would never return? What would you do? Convert everything you had into the currency of your destination because anything not converted would be lost – right?

You see we’re all going on a journey. We’re all leaving the lands of our origins for another realm. And the currency of the earth, of all we possess on earth, is of no value there. So who are the wise? They are the ones who in the days before the journey make the exchange. They convert their earthly currency into heavenly currency.

Since no one knows the exact time of their departure, you make the most of your time and convert as much as you can into the heavenly currency. For it is only wisdom to exchange that which you can never keep, to obtain that which you can never lose.

We’re really just passing through. What currency are we saving?