The Roles of a Man
Living out our roles as Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather

Leaving a Lasting Legacy
Helping men understand their personal impact in the lives of women, children and in the world

The 4 Characteristics of Godly Men
A series of messages on the four key attributes of a man

  • The Courage of a Warrior
  • The Compassion of a Lover
  • The Conviction of a Mentor
  • The Confidence of a King

Freedom From Shame

How to Find Your Mission in Life

Men of Courage
A series of five messages, or a one-day retreat for the encouragement and inspiration of men facing the weight of life challenges.

  • Be on your guard
  • Stand firm in the faith
  • Be men of courage
  • Be strong
  • Do everything in love

Passage to Manhood

A 13 lesson series of messages for teenage boys, their fathers, or older mentors.

Mark 12:30, 31 serve as the foundation


Strength: The Courage of a Warrior                Heart: The Compassion of a Lover

The Value of Work                                         Embracing Woundedness

Rejecting Shame                                              Honoring Women

Pursuing Purity

Mind: The Conviction of a Mentor                Soul: The Confidence of a King

Building Character                                          God Rules; Jesus Saves

Building a Band of Brothers                           Discovering Your Mission in Life