America lost it’s last remaining WWI veteran today. Frank Buckles lied at age 16 in order to get himself enlisted into the Army. He died at age 110, one of only 3 veterans of WWI still alive in the world.

Anxious to serve his country at the beginning of the war, Buckles went to a recruiting station at the state fair in Wichita, Kansas. He gave his age as 18, but was told he needed to be 21. Undaunted, he returned a week later and informed the recruiter he was now 21. He passed the inspection, but was told he was not heavy enough.

Still undaunted he tried the Navy, but was told he was too flat-footed. He finally made headway with a recruiter in Oklahoma City. When asked for his birth certificate, Buckles replied that it was in his huge family Bible. “You don’t want me to bring the family Bible down do you?” “OK, we’ll take you,” replied the army recruiter.

Even as a young teen Buckles saw he was needed for an issue much larger than him. His nation was at war; nothing was going to stop him from serving. As it turned out, Buckles never saw combat, and Arlington National Cemetery is making an exception for him to be buried there despite lacking the normally required combat medals.

Buckles joked, “Didn’t I make every effort?” Yes, he did. He’s a hero in my book.