How to Get to a Son’s Heart

Craig Glass

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May 11, 2012


stangMy friend Rick is spending the day with his son Mitchell to celebrate his 10th birthday. He gave his boy a double surprise: 1. He showed up unexpectedly at school and grabbed him (with a heads-up to the admin staff) for a day of fun, and 2. He showed up in a red 2012 Mustang rental, which he had delivered on special order from the airport lot.

Turns out Mitchell loves Ford Mustangs (I find nothing wrong with his taste) so Rick decided he was going to fan the flame a bit. I love that he’s doing that for his son. It communicates at least 3 important messages:

  • “It’s OK for guys to feel emotions other than anger; it’s OK to feel joy.”
  • “I see what you enjoy and want to share it with you.”
  • “I will go out of my way to celebrate who you are, even at a price.

Well, OK, one more message: “Son, we don’t always get what we want in life.”

How do you think Mitchell feels about his Dad’s choice? Look at that smile.

Later today Rick will share with Mitchell some lessons from I Cor. 16:13, 14, one of the best passages for men in the Bible.

Well done, Rick. But next time go for Shelby Cobra GT500. And invite me.

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