One of the qualities I see in men is a thirst for adventure. We seem to have a built-in longing for risk that results in a new experience or a special accomplishment. At it’s deepest level it’s a hunger for significance. It’s a partial answer to the question: Do I matter?

I have this hunger. Virtually all men I know, and many of the women, do in some degree or another.   My friend, Jim, has it in abundance. Yet, when he sent this link,  highest-waterfall-in-a-kayak-189-ft-video, it raised some interesting observations for him:

“The extent a male will go trying to prove his manhood, or courage in the face of ultimate challenge…Do we decide the wisdom after the outcome, or do we make that determination before it is done? What positives do we experience in life because people had this kind of view of things . . . is this the heart of an astronaut, or a fighter pilot or a missionary to cannibals? Or is it foolishness? Is he a slave to the adrenaline rush and the fleeting glory this world offers, or a hero?”

Somewhere there is a line between courage and foolishness. My gut tells me this guy is over the edge in more ways than one. What do you think?