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“Amazon Feminist” Defends Masculinity

When was the last time you heard an avowed ardent feminist stand up in defense of masculinity? I’m not sure I ever have. That’s no longer true. In the 70’s and 80’s one of the strongest voices for “militant feminism,” in Wikipedia’s words, was Camille Paglia. Never one to mince words, her views and language […]

Adventure Porn

Numerous authors, Dr. Larry Crabb among them, confirm that two of the deepest longings for men are sexual intimacy and victorious accomplishment over a challenge. Call them intimacy and impact, or sex and significance, they have the same soul-deep pull for boys and men. We are well aware of the draw that sexuality has on […]

“You’re Never Going to Be a Looker”

Friends, I’m happy to welcome guest blogger, Jim Hughes, staff member of Peregrine Ministries in Charlotte, NC. It was a telling moment when a BBC sports-caster commented on the newly-crowned women’s Wimbledon champion, Marion Bartoli, “Do you think Bartoli’s dad told her when she was little, ‘You’re never going to be a looker, you’ll never […]

It’s Not About the Nail

Hey, guys. You know how we typically go into problem-solution mode when our wives or someone we care about shares a challenge with us? Sometimes, just listening without trying to solve the problem is the best approach. This video¬†provides a helpful 1-minute example of how to do that. Or not. CraigMy greatest joy in life […]

Once Upon a Time…

Just about any father of a daughter looks toward her wedding day with mixed emotions. Joy, relief, poignancy, heartache. There is no greater gift a man can give to another man than when a father entrusts his daughter to his son-in-law. I only had one daughter to give away in marriage, Barclay. On that day, […]

A Strong Woman; Some Weak Men

Kathleen Parker, the highly-regarded syndicated columnist with the Washington Post, has long been one of my favorite editorial writers. She just moved into first place. She’s politically sharp, verbally eloquent, intellectually open-minded, obviously feminine, and a staunch proponent of men acting like men. She is refreshingly straight-forward in her lack of patience for political nonsense […]

Our Daughters Are Not for Sale!

Men; dads in particular; dads of daughters especially: Did you know that sexual trafficking is not just a practice of far-away places like Thailand, South Africa or the Ukraine? It takes place, far more than we realize, in our own nations. In fact right next door. Increasingly in the safe, comfortable, stable Midwest of the […]

What Was I Thinking?

Today I read another article and watched a video clip, What Was He Thinking?, about the sad, destructive, bewildering behavior of Representative Anthony Weiner. After days of denial he is finally taking responsibility for deliberately texting lewd photos of himself to young women he’s never met. You’ve most likely seen them. No need to describe […]

Boys Will Be Girls

The following links made their way to my in-box recently. They’re hilarious. The first is a not-so-subtle vignette of guys relating to each other…as girls. The second is the girls’ right-on-target response. break What are the clues in the first that these guys are behaving like girls? Communication Relationship Emotions Openness What are […]