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World’s Toughest Job

Ever wonder about what the toughest job in the world might be? President of the U.S.? Brain surgeon? Sewer cleaner? Nope. Here’s pretty good evidence of the toughest: World’s Toughest Job.   Craig GlassMy greatest joy in life is my family. I know, that sounds like the comment you’re supposed to make as a man […]

“You’re Never Going to Be a Looker”

Friends, I’m happy to welcome guest blogger, Jim Hughes, staff member of Peregrine Ministries in Charlotte, NC. It was a telling moment when a BBC sports-caster commented on the newly-crowned women’s Wimbledon champion, Marion Bartoli, “Do you think Bartoli’s dad told her when she was little, ‘You’re never going to be a looker, you’ll never […]

It’s Not About the Nail

Hey, guys. You know how we typically go into problem-solution mode when our wives or someone we care about shares a challenge with us? Sometimes, just listening without trying to solve the problem is the best approach. This video¬†provides a helpful 1-minute example of how to do that. Or not. Craig GlassMy greatest joy in […]

Once Upon a Time…

Just about any father of a daughter looks toward her wedding day with mixed emotions. Joy, relief, poignancy, heartache. There is no greater gift a man can give to another man than when a father entrusts his daughter to his son-in-law. I only had one daughter to give away in marriage, Barclay. On that day, […]

A Strong Woman; Some Weak Men

Kathleen Parker, the highly-regarded syndicated columnist with the Washington Post, has long been one of my favorite editorial writers. She just moved into first place. She’s politically sharp, verbally eloquent, intellectually open-minded, obviously feminine, and a staunch proponent of men acting like men. She is refreshingly straight-forward in her lack of patience for political nonsense […]

What Was I Thinking?

Today I read another article and watched a video clip, What Was He Thinking?, about the sad, destructive, bewildering behavior of Representative Anthony Weiner. After days of denial he is finally taking responsibility for deliberately texting lewd photos of himself to young women he’s never met. You’ve most likely seen them. No need to describe […]