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Out of Africa

Burundi has the most devastating poverty I’ve ever seen. Broadly considered the world’s poorest nation, it’s the worst poverty anyone has ever seen. The average Burundian lives on $6/week Percentage of population living in poverty is 69% As of 2010 the number of mobile phone users/100 people is 0 Number of people owning personal computers/100 […]

Job #1: Guard Your Heart

One of my favorite verses is Prov. 4:23: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of your life.” Protect what’s deep within you, because that’s where your life begins. I believe this passage gives us at least 3 charges: 1. Our heart is the source of our purity. We must protect […]

Turn or Burn

Until this year, the worst year in history for wildfires was 2002. The premier fire that year was the Hayman Fire which engulfed 138,000 acres and 133 homes just west of Colorado Springs in 20 days. It still holds the record for being Colorado’s largest wildfire ever. Not long ago I hiked with a few […]

Freedom From Shame

One of the most destructive forces in the lives of men is shame. It’s the conviction that there is something profoundly, uniquely and permanently dysfunctional about who I am. It’s deep, it’s defective, it’s only true of me and it’s permanent. You scratch the surface of just about any self-protective and harmful action of men, […]

The Good Enough Dad

“Craig, there are no perfect dads, and you’ll never be one. But you can absolutely be a good enough dad.” Those were the words spoken to me by a family counselor some years ago. I found that honest appraisal reassuringly challenging. I knew there was progress for me to make…and that it was doable. How […]