Category: Significance

Broken Men; Broken Heroes; Broken Cisterns

“Armstrong Severs Ties with Livestrong Foundation.” “General Petraeus: I showed extremely poor judgement.” Those were the headlines that faced the world on CNN online this morning. Two men of formidable accomplishment, and of almost incomparably high standing, came face-to-face with their character flaws in front of the world. One, the most highly awarded cycling racer […]

Keeping Score

I know a lot of men who get wrapped up in performance—work, sports, even community service or church attendance; competitiveness in any arena. This hard work can reveal an admirable sense of drive, responsibility and commitment. It can also reveal an underlying belief that our performance defines our significance. Or earns us points. For some […]

Who Needs Your Blessing?

My son honored me this summer by asking me to honor him. Through a series of circumstances, Conor had never been baptized, though he became a believer in Christ as a young boy. Last month as our whole family enjoyed a reunion at the family camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Conor accepted […]

Saying Goodbye to Parents, Part III (A Severe Mercy*)

My dad is disappearing. In fact, to a large extent he has already disappeared. I’m just trying to learn how to say Goodbye. A naval officer in World War II and Pentagon intelligence officer during the Korean War, hospital administrator for two and a half decades, and the director of a ministry support organization, my […]

Men and Church

I saw this video some time ago, but it’s message is still just as timely, just as challenging. It’s another reason why men matter: they impact the church. Craig GlassMy greatest joy in life is my family. I know, that sounds like the comment you’re supposed to make as a man and father. All I […]