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Miracle Within The Miracle

Would I have acted as Joseph did? We’re so familiar with the Christmas story that it’s easy to overlook an essential part of that miracle- Joseph’s amazing response to confusing and embarrassing circumstances. To summarize, the key parts of the story as told in Matt.1: After his fiancée Mary becomes pregnant, Joseph’s first reaction is […]

Keeping Score

I know a lot of men who get wrapped up in performance—work, sports, even community service or church attendance; competitiveness in any arena. This hard work can reveal an admirable sense of drive, responsibility and commitment. It can also reveal an underlying belief that our performance defines our significance. Or earns us points. For some […]


When some of us men hear the word Passion, we think of sex, or some vaguely feminine emotion, or…sex. I think visceral, gut-level, profoundly stirring. The word brings to mind a challenge we are so committed to we will attempt it all costs; win or lose, we will put our best effort out there. It’s […]

It Takes a Hero

Shortly after the recent fires in Colorado Springs I met with a group of about 150 men who had the honor of hearing from 3 firefighters who told us of the ground level impact of fighting what experts called “a firestorm of epic proportions.” I was profoundly impressed by the selfless attitude these men and […]

How Do You Define Masculinity?

In a culture that tries to blur the God-designed differences between women and men, the question above isn’t as easy to answer as we might think. Christians might disagree with non-Christians, Baptists might disagree with Catholics, men might disagree with women. Take a look at this link. In about 1 minute Doug Wilson gives as […]

Wisdom From a Spartan

I can’t say that I’m a Michigan State fan, but now I’m a fan of this guy. Listen to what football quarterback Kirk Cousins, son of an early Willow Creek Church staff pastor, has to say about entitlement and responsibility. These are his comments at the Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon. Cousins speech. A lot […]

Why Guys Love Sports

In a previous post, I raised the question of the benefits of Competition in sports, or any arena, versus the benefits of Community. Sometimes competition can seem so self-centered; while community is so other-centered. Why is it then, that when I recently came across an article I tore out of an airline magazine, that I […]

“He Was Larger Than Life”

One of the greatest broadcast disasters in history was the explosion of the German zeppelin Hindenburg while landing in a field in New Jersey in May, 1937. It’s the incident that caused a radio announcer witnessing the crash to exclaim, “Oh, the humanity!” Just yesterday a Goodyear blimp exploded…in Germany. You can see photos here: […]