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Turn or Burn

Until this year, the worst year in history for wildfires was 2002. The premier fire that year was the Hayman Fire which engulfed 138,000 acres and 133 homes just west of Colorado Springs in 20 days. It still holds the record for being Colorado’s largest wildfire ever. Not long ago I hiked with a few […]

Don’t Take Your Song to the Grave

One of the best known quotes about the state of men is Henry David Thoreau’s: “Most men live lives of quiet desperation…” Even though he wrote those words more than 150 years ago, they still hold true for so many men. We men, and the women who know us, are familiar with the silent pressure, […]

Freedom From Shame

One of the most destructive forces in the lives of men is shame. It’s the conviction that there is something profoundly, uniquely and permanently dysfunctional about who I am. It’s deep, it’s defective, it’s only true of me and it’s permanent. You scratch the surface of just about any self-protective and harmful action of men, […]

Feeling Grief; Choosing Joy

Yesterday was the third birthday I began with tears in my eyes. The first was when I was spanked by the delivering surgeon. The second was the “original” 9/11 ten years ago. In the years immediately following that awful day, it wasn’t unusual for me to receive a raised eyebrow, a grimaced face, or even […]

Comfortably Numb

Today is the 68th birthday of Roger Waters, a founding member of the classic British rock band Pink Floyd. Waters partnered with David Gilmour to co-write “Comfortably Numb”, assigned the honor of one of the top 500 greatest songs ever written. It’s in my personal Top 10. I’m a fan of songs that start out […]

Hope for 2011

I don’t particularly care for New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I largely ignore them. I appreciate the concept of setting goals for accomplishments we value, but somehow those resolutions seem to become demanding taskmasters, dissipate with time or turn into unpleasant reminders of failure. And why is it they have to start on Jan. 1st […]

Help and Hope

Just a month ago, as I post this, 33 Chilean miners were miraculously freed from their underground grave of 69 days. The whole world watched the miracle unfold. The survivors have already gone on to global fame, including one who completed the New York Marathon. But experienced psychologists warn that these men will in all […]