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When some of us men hear the word Passion, we think of sex, or some vaguely feminine emotion, or…sex. I think visceral, gut-level, profoundly stirring. The word brings to mind a challenge we are so committed to we will attempt it all costs; win or lose, we will put our best effort out there. It’s […]

It Takes a Hero

Shortly after the recent fires in Colorado Springs I met with a group of about 150 men who had the honor of hearing from 3 firefighters who told us of the ground level impact of fighting what experts called “a firestorm of epic proportions.” I was profoundly impressed by the selfless attitude these men and […]

Wisdom From a Spartan

I can’t say that I’m a Michigan State fan, but now I’m a fan of this guy. Listen to what football quarterback Kirk Cousins, son of an early Willow Creek Church staff pastor, has to say about entitlement and responsibility. These are his comments at the Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon. Cousins speech. A lot […]

“Scoring Souls Not Goals”

In recent blogs I’ve discussed both the benefits of Community and of  Competition in sports. This article appeared today on the front page of the CNN online version, reporting on the values of the Charlotte Eagles pro soccer team. It’s amazing to see this discussion presented on a national level. Earlier this summer I had […]

The Good Enough Dad

“Craig, there are no perfect dads, and you’ll never be one. But you can absolutely be a good enough dad.” Those were the words spoken to me by a family counselor some years ago. I found that honest appraisal reassuringly challenging. I knew there was progress for me to make…and that it was doable. How […]

Why Guys Love Sports

In a previous post, I raised the question of the benefits of Competition in sports, or any arena, versus the benefits of Community. Sometimes competition can seem so self-centered; while community is so other-centered. Why is it then, that when I recently came across an article I tore out of an airline magazine, that I […]