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Who Needs Your Blessing?

My son honored me this summer by asking me to honor him. Through a series of circumstances, Conor had never been baptized, though he became a believer in Christ as a young boy. Last month as our whole family enjoyed a reunion at the family camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Conor accepted […]

When Your World is Ablaze

As a result of last week’s firestorm, Colorado Springs joined a list of many cities around the world that have recently known stunning devastation at the hands of nature: tsunami in Fukushima, Japan; earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; tornado in Joplin, MO; floods in Minot, ND, are just a few. There are so many more. We […]

Man vs. Nature. No Question Who’s Boss

“A firestorm of epic proportions.” So spoke the Fire Chief of Colorado Springs, a man who has seen many fires in his career. What started as a relatively small smoke spiral at noon on a Saturday in a popular hiking spot in the foothills west of town, quickly expanded to a 3500 acre blaze moving […]