Category: Fathers

Start With Your Story

Periodically, I have the joy of talking face to face with my daughter and two sons, although they live 1060, 1388 and 117 miles away. Not that anybody’s counting. In recent conversations, we’ve had heart-to-heart talks on issues related to employment, life-calling and the economy. I found myself relating deeply not only to their own […]

Just Get in the Way

I once heard Christian author Larry Crabb say that men need to face confusion with courage and creativity. We may have no clue what to do in certain situations, but that doesn’t excuse passivity on our part. What men need to do is walk into the situation courageously and bring to bear all the creativity […]

Living With the Fallout

Bernie Madoff, the financier who for two decades cheated thousands of investor’s of their life savings, adding up to a total of $20 billion, has recently re-entered the news. It wasn’t enough for him to destroy the lives of thousands who trusted him, he has now indirectly ended the life of his own son. Mark, […]