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High arrogance; Low self-esteem

Several years ago I attended a men’s weekend encounter that was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. In 48 hours I learned more about me and about men than I would have thought possible. One of the takeaways was five simple life principles that help define and guide the transition from immaturity […]

Rules for Dads of Daughters

“There are three things, no four,” Solomon wrote, that were so amazing to him he could not begin to understand them. The last was “the way of a man with a young woman.” (Prov. 30:19) I agree, but right after that I would put, “the way of a dad with a daughter.” There is something […]

Once Upon a Time…

Just about any father of a daughter looks toward her wedding day with mixed emotions. Joy, relief, poignancy, heartache. There is no greater gift a man can give to another man than when a father entrusts his daughter to his son-in-law. I only had one daughter to give away in marriage, Barclay. On that day, […]

Closer Encounters

Steven Spielberg, one of the most highly-acclaimed film producers of our times, has undergone a metamorphosis in is treatment of fathers in his movies. In older films the dads are absent (E.T.) or quirky/bizarre (Close Encounters); over time the fathers have a more affirmative impact (the later Indiana Jones films) or are shown as the […]

Who Needs Your Blessing?

My son honored me this summer by asking me to honor him. Through a series of circumstances, Conor had never been baptized, though he became a believer in Christ as a young boy. Last month as our whole family enjoyed a reunion at the family camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Conor accepted […]

Saying Goodbye to Parents, Part III (A Severe Mercy*)

My dad is disappearing. In fact, to a large extent he has already disappeared. I’m just trying to learn how to say Goodbye. A naval officer in World War II and Pentagon intelligence officer during the Korean War, hospital administrator for two and a half decades, and the director of a ministry support organization, my […]