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Who Needs Your Blessing?

My son honored me this summer by asking me to honor him. Through a series of circumstances, Conor had never been baptized, though he became a believer in Christ as a young boy. Last month as our whole family enjoyed a reunion at the family camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Conor accepted […]

Our Daughters Are Not for Sale!

Men; dads in particular; dads of daughters especially: Did you know that sexual trafficking is not just a practice of far-away places like Thailand, South Africa or the Ukraine? It takes place, far more than we realize, in our own nations. In fact right next door. Increasingly in the safe, comfortable, stable Midwest of the […]

“Action is Character”

Here’s an “interesting” post from my friend Mike Hamel on the connection between who we are and how we live: Action is Character CraigMy greatest joy in life is my family. I know, that sounds like the comment you’re supposed to make as a man and father. All I can say is I literally shake […]

Another Way to Get to Your Daughter’s Heart

I have a feeling this girl will remember these 5 minutes with Dad with joy, forever. Dancing with Dad. Watch the faces of those on the sidelines.   Haven’t seen enough? Watch this guy. He’s just way better than the rest of us.   What is it about these moments between a man and his daughter […]

How to Get to a Daughter’s Heart

Man, I love daughters (and granddaughters)…especially my own. I’m blessed to have both a biological one, and one by marriage to a son. I really love them. Proverbs 30:18, 19 says, “There are three things which are too wonderful for me, Four which I do not understand: The way of an eagle in the sky, […]

How to Get to a Son’s Heart

My friend Rick is spending the day with his son Mitchell to celebrate his 10th birthday. He gave his boy a double surprise: 1. He showed up unexpectedly at school and grabbed him (with a heads-up to the admin staff) for a day of fun, and 2. He showed up in a red 2012 Mustang […]

God Weeps Too

I heard a horribly sad story this week. A father who runs a wood-chipping company was at home clearing some of his own property. His 6 year old son wanted to help, so the father agreed, but kept an eye on him. At one point the father turned away for a moment, not knowing that […]