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Wisdom From a Spartan

I can’t say that I’m a Michigan State fan, but now I’m a fan of this guy. Listen to what football quarterback Kirk Cousins, son of an early Willow Creek Church staff pastor, has to say about entitlement and responsibility. These are his comments at the Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon. Cousins speech. A lot […]

“Scoring Souls Not Goals”

In recent blogs I’ve discussed both the benefits of Community and of  Competition in sports. This article appeared today on the front page of the CNN online version, reporting on the values of the Charlotte Eagles pro soccer team. It’s amazing to see this discussion presented on a national level. Earlier this summer I had […]

Crime as Entertainment

Today I saw a quote on a side bar in the paper that stopped me in my tracks. It referred to this year’s Trial of the Century, in which Casey Anthony was found “not guilty” of murdering her daughter, Caylee. The trial in Orlando, FL, has attracted more attention than any since O.J. Simpson’s, and […]