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The One Common Characteristic

I recently returned to the States from 10 days in Africa to read that yet another act of shocking violence had taken place in an American high school. This time a 16-year-old student stabbed 21 fellow students and a security guard with a knife. Thankfully none were killed. Once again, the American public faced itself […]

“Amazon Feminist” Defends Masculinity

When was the last time you heard an avowed ardent feminist stand up in defense of masculinity? I’m not sure I ever have. That’s no longer true. In the 70’s and 80’s one of the strongest voices for “militant feminism,” in Wikipedia’s words, was Camille Paglia. Never one to mince words, her views and language […]

Smart Move

This is encouraging: two opponents making genuine apologies to each other. As I wrote in a previous post, I’m Sorry, it seems that genuine public apologies are a dying art. More often than not, a public figure saying he’s sorry about anything sounds something like, “It’s unfortunate that some people may have misconstrued something I […]

“Not a Whole Lot’s Gonna Stand in My Way.”

Guest post from Jim Hughes of Peregrine Ministries in Charlotte, NC I live in NASCAR country and have heard many times of the success and fan enthusiasm surrounding the organization named Hendrick Motorsports. It’s the most winning organization in NASCAR. After watching this video, Richie Parker: Drive, my ideas of what might make an organization […]

Adventure Porn

Numerous authors, Dr. Larry Crabb among them, confirm that two of the deepest longings for men are sexual intimacy and victorious accomplishment over a challenge. Call them intimacy and impact, or sex and significance, they have the same soul-deep pull for boys and men. We are well aware of the draw that sexuality has on […]

Can We Agree—Character Matters?

I simply must say something about this Weiner thing. By that I mean the reappearance of former-Congressman Anthony Weiner on the political stage after having resigned his position due to texting explicit photos of his “manhood” to unknown women a couple of years ago. We now know there have been numerous recent repeated posts of […]

20 Things 20 Year-olds Don’t Get

I recently posted the results and comments from a George Barna survey regarding the religious affiliation, or lack of it, for the Millennial 20-something generation. My friend, Gentry Gardner, president of Sure Passage, sent me this intriguing follow-up article: 20 Things 20 Year-olds Don’t Get. Far from an aimless rant from some frustrated dad toward […]