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The One Common Characteristic

I recently returned to the States from 10 days in Africa to read that yet another act of shocking violence had taken place in an American high school. This time a 16-year-old student stabbed 21 fellow students and a security guard with a knife. Thankfully none were killed. Once again, the American public faced itself […]

Smart Move

This is encouraging: two opponents making genuine apologies to each other. As I wrote in a previous post, I’m Sorry, it seems that genuine public apologies are a dying art. More often than not, a public figure saying he’s sorry about anything sounds something like, “It’s unfortunate that some people may have misconstrued something I […]

Failure to Launch

Perhaps you saw my comment last week on the Men Matter Facebook site in which I quoted radio commentator, Dennis Prager, who said, in reference to the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School: “The most important thing any society can accomplish is to build good men.” Since then I notice a predictable extreme of […]

In Your Anger…Don’t Sin? (Part I)

“In your anger do not sin.” Eph. 4:26. If you were to conduct a survey, among men or women, listing the Top 10 most frequently seen characteristics in men, sooner rather than later you’d run into Anger. More likely, it would be in the Top 3. It seems that anger has become the emotion that […]

Truth or Love?

Do we see ourselves as being men primarily committed to telling the truth, or men primarily committed to building relationships? Often it feels like the two are mutually exclusive: telling to whole truth might permanently harm a friendship. In Ephesians 4:15 we are urged to speak the truth in love. Apparently it IS possible. Experience […]