Burning Down the Village

Craig Glass

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March 23, 2021

“The boys in the village must be guided into healthy manhood, or they will burn down the village, just to feel the heat.” African Proverb

Once again, we are assaulted with the news of another “village,” this time a pleasant neighborhood grocery store in “safe” Boulder, CO, that suffers from the violent flames of a broken man. This immediately follows the agony we witnessed of 8 spa workers murdered in another village outside Atlanta. These scenes, though mind-numbingly common, are so horrifically heart-wrenching!

And it’s always, always, always a broken man, who doubts that he matters, who takes it out on the defenseless and unsuspecting. Like the rest of the cowards who preceded him.

How long do we allow this to go on without making strong, strategic decisions to heal broken men, and guide young ones, in our society?!  Until we do, they will continue to burn down our villages, one at a time.

Two readily available resources for exactly this purpose are:

Photo credit Steve Schopper, CPR News

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