Author: Craig GlassMy greatest joy in life is my family. I know, that sounds like the comment you're supposed to make as a man and father. All I can say is I literally shake my head in wonder at the family I have: my wife Beryl; my daughter Barclay and son-in-law Vince, their four daughters, Bella, Brynn, Brooke and Blake; my son Alec, my son Conor and daughter-in-law Bonnie, their daughter Gemma and son Calvin. Every one of them is a genuine gift. Beyond that, I have a calling that I live out through Peregrine Ministries. It is to help men: Understand their identity in Christ, Embrace their role as men, and Live out their God-given calling in life. Bottom line is I'm convinced men matter and I want to help them live life on purpose.

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Truth or Love?

Do we see ourselves as being men primarily committed to telling the truth, or men primarily committed to building relationships? Often it feels like the two are mutually exclusive: telling to whole truth might permanently harm a friendship. In Ephesians 4:15 we are urged to speak the truth in love. Apparently it IS possible. Experience […]

Disappointed For You, Not In You

Ask just about any Christian man what God thinks of him and he’ll reply, “He loves me.” We learned this a long time ago; and it’s true. But with most men, if you were to probe a little further to explore if there are any other feelings God has toward them, they would add…”He’s disappointed […]

Start With Your Story

Periodically, I have the joy of talking face to face with my daughter and two sons, although they live 1060, 1388 and 117 miles away. Not that anybody’s counting. In recent conversations, we’ve had heart-to-heart talks on issues related to employment, life-calling and the economy. I found myself relating deeply not only to their own […]

3 Kinds of Men

In his excellent book, From Wild Man to Wise Man, Richard Rohr reveals a good lesson for men from Luke 6:6-11. In this familiar story, Jesus heals a man whose right hand is withered only to encounter the condemnation of the Pharisees. He points out that there are three kinds of men in this story: […]

The Man Who Amazed Jesus

I just read a story about a man who stood out so much, he amazed Jesus, who went on to say about him, “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.” What kind of man could bring about such praise from the Son of God? A humble, faith-filled warrior. Luke […]

He Made Every Effort

America lost it’s last remaining WWI veteran today.¬†Frank Buckles lied at age 16 in order to get himself enlisted into the Army. He died at age 110, one of only 3 veterans of WWI still alive in the world. Anxious to serve his country at the beginning of the war, Buckles went to a recruiting […]