Craig is a dedicated follower of God who values people, and can discern God’s presence and direction while building an effective and faithful organization. Those who have served with him can articulate numerous ways Craig has encouraged and assisted them in finding God’s best for their leadership potential and the future of their organization.

Dr. G. Craig Williford
Multnomah University

Through my own observation as well as personal relationship, I know Craig Glass to be a leader of uncommon wisdom, grace and depth who exhibits an unusual ability to recognize the gifts of others and to work with them in such a way as to maximize those gifts. He is both caring and challenging. He never skims the surface of an issue, but reaches to the heart to facilitate lasting, deep and positive change in both circumstances and people.

Kathy Maas
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Craig Glass is truly a rare leader among leaders who has enabled me and numerous others in ministry and marketplace to discover their deep heart, challenging them to live authentic lives that reflect those values and passions. He skillfully draws one out and dares them to deal honestly with their vulnerabilities and to experience life in its fullest dimension. Craig has proved to be the quintessential mentor, friend and Christ-follower time and time again.

Warren Friesen
Director of Human Resources
Outreach, Inc.

Craig is man of unusual character, experience and insight. He has led ministries, pastored in churches and raised a family in ways that honor his colleagues and God. For over 20 years I have revealed my heart, my dreams and my struggles to Craig, always knowing I would receive an open ear, sound advice, words of encouragement and an example of an authentic man who is walking a similar path in a way I deeply respect. I am a different person because of Craig’s touch on my life. I recommend him as a consultant to ministries and as an advisor to any men or women who are looking for a deeper impact in their world.

Frank Ley
Former Area Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

Craig Glass’s life, counsel and spiritual direction have substantially impacted the lives of leaders in my sphere. He has the calling, character, and competency to make a life-long difference in leaders, families and cultures. Let him walk with you, and if history proves true, God will empower him to enrich and change your life. Craig helps people discover God’s destiny for them. At the end of our tenure down here, there will be nothing, absolutely nothing, more significant or lasting.

Dr. Bruce McNicol,
Co-founder & President
Trueface (Leadership Catalyst)

I have known Craig Glass for more than 30 years and have worked closely with him in ministry for more than 20 years. He is a committed follower of the Lord Jesus, a wise and respected counselor, a servant to local churches and to Christian leaders both in the Church and in Par-Church organizations. He has a great depth of experience that enables him to be a godly, balanced, personal life coach and a gifted ministry consultant.

Kevin G. Dyer, Ph.D
Founder Bright Hope International, Founder International Teams

Craig is uniquely gifted and relentlessly committed to engage men in authentic transformation for a life of impact and legacy. I am a different man because of Craig’s life and influence.

Gordon Decker
National Training Director
International Students, Inc.

Having known Craig since the late 1980’s, I’ve had the privilege of watching him in several leadership roles. At all times he has been functioning from a deep heart for people; from a creative mind; from an unusual willingness to keep growing forward in his commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ; from an engaging authenticity concerning who he is, who he is becoming, and whose he is. This is one good man whom I treasure as a valued friend and co-laborer in Kingdom causes!

Wes Roberts
Leadership Design Group/Life Enrichment

When I think of men I trust, Craig would be at the top of the list for me. He is absolutely trustworthy, not ego driven, and is a man who models love for God with more consistency than most. Anyone who has known Craig for long would jump at the opportunity of having him on their team. He is a rare man of God.

Doug Halsne
Director of Equipping
Equipping International Leaders

Craig Glass is one of those rare humans who is able to combine wisdom and discernment with the courage to apply those gifts to cut to the heart of the struggles an individual needs to face up to. I have had the privilege of knowing Craig for many years as both a friend and co-worker, and have enjoyed the benefits of a man who understands the challenges of being a father, son, friend and colleague in today’s world. He is well balanced as a trustworthy mentor and coach with a quick wit and compassionate heart.

Terry L. Williams
Vice President of Consulting Services
Cedarstone Partners, Inc.

Craig has made a major impact to me in my leadership capacity in the ministry. He has a significant amount of management experience and, together with his gift of pastoring and counseling, he has helped me tremendously in making effective, thoughtful management decisions, carrying them through to conclusion and encouraging me in a world frought with spiritual warfare. Craig spent a good amount of time with me as I was transitioning from corporate America to the ministry and his insights and encouragement were key in helping me to get well positioned and off to a terrific start in the ministry. I am hugely indebted to Craig for the time, energy, prayers and love that he gave to me at a particularly pivotal time in my life.

Natasha Hope
Regional Director
International Students Inc.