I think one of the struggles that Christians and non-Christians share is understanding how God, who says He is the embodiment of love, allows the horrors we see around us virtually every day. I’ve heard many Believers say it’s the question they intend to “confront” God with when they get to heaven.

It’s an honest question, the answer to which our finite minds can’t yet grasp. I confess I wrestle with it, too. Often. Whether or not it’s what will jump immediately to mind once we encounter the over-whelming majesty of God…we’ll see. I doubt it.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that the first thing I’ll be doing is to hit the ground face down, awestruck, trembling with the beyond-my-imagination glory of God’s face. And I’ll stay there for quite awhile. I won’t be alone.

When I do get up, perhaps a few rapture-filled centuries later, the question will no longer matter. With my new awareness of the larger picture, the question won’t even make sense.

In the mean time, I appreciate this comment from Mike Mason the author of The Gospel According to Job: “People would not be people if they were entirely reasonable, and so it is with God. How reasonable is grace? Or love? Many cannot believe in God because they cannot stomach His whims. But to allow the Lord His whimsicalness—and more than that, to bless him for it—is faith.” p. 38

Lord, I believe. Help me with my unbelief.

Can you relate?