Those of us dads who have been blessed with a daughter, or two or five (!), know what a remarkable gift they are in our lives. But sometimes as our daughters get older and move toward other friendships and priorities in their lives, we dads can draw the conclusion that our role in her life is diminishing, if not disappearing.

Oh no it’s not! In a recent talk to a ballroom full of dads and their High School Senior daughters, I listed 6 Milestones that we will arrive at with our daughters, if we are intentional enough to move toward them. They are: Calibrate, Comfort, Celebrate, Respect, Release and Remain.

Here’s a crucial key element: as we reach each Milestone, it doesn’t disappear forever in the rearview mirror, never to be seen again. No! We return to each one over and over again, as we make our transforming relationship with daughters an ongoing priority through every season of life— ours and theirs.

Please listen to my comments, dads! “6 Milestones in Your Journey With Your Daughter.”

And, if at all possible, listen to them together with your daughter. That, in itself, might prove to be a special Milestone.