I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This

“Really, Craig? Do we really need another blog?”

I have a thing about blogs. I’m sorry, but many seem self-obsessed and ego-driven. And honestly, I’m not really that sorry. There are outstanding exceptions, of course, but for me many blogs smack of values that drive our culture. Values I’m opposed to.

I’ve already spent 5 decades being part of the Me Generation: we Boomers who were raised with a sense of privilege like no other generation in history. Add to that the entitlement-messages we are soaked in by advertising directed to Gens X and Y, and the result is a cultural motto – “It’s all about me” – that flies in the face of everything I believe about men.

It’s virtually impossible to ignore that rally cry given the barrage of messages we receive. Facebook allows us to promote our preferred image and life to the world; My Space does the same, just more immaturely; You Tube allows us to broadcast ourselves living it. The countless websites starting with “my” or “your” reinforce the tasty lie that we love to believe: the world revolves around my life. We are the center of the known universe, and the sooner the universe agrees, the better.

I disagree. My conviction is that the primary characteristic that distinguishes immature, worldly men from mature, godly men is our center of focus. Immature men believe the world rotates around them, that it’s “all about them.” Their perspective is self-centered. Mature men are convinced their life is not about them; on the contrary, their life is for others. Their perspective is other-centered.

To me, blogs often reinforce the immature perspective not the mature one. I know I’m wrong in making blanket judgments this way, I’m just saying. It seems the height of self-centeredness to assume the world wants to know every thought that crosses my mind. Whether or not they asked for it.

The September-October 2010 issue of Relevant magazine went so far as to say that “social technologies can build a subtle narcissism, exhibitionism, self-absorption and neurotic co-dependency.” I have to say: I think they have a point.

Yet, here I am writing my first blog post. Why am I doing so? Because in my less visceral moments, when I take some time to think it through rationally, I know this is now an accepted and effective way of communicating with a broad audience.

Several years ago I realized that I actually would like God to use me to influence men in a positive way. In the years since, I’ve become only more convinced that my concern for men, my conviction that they matter, and my passion to see them living out God’s calling in their lives, is a message that God uses. I think it would be wrong and selfish to keep it under a bushel.

So here I am writing yet another blog; with mixed feelings. I don’t want to be grouped with men whose values are the opposite of mine. But I’ve decided that I’m willing to risk being misunderstood, disagreed with, and even thought to be condescending or self-centered, in order to get a message out there that is founded in Scripture. My commitment is to express insights and observations that I believe will encourage and inform you in the crucial roles you live out every day.

The world desperately needs men who live for others, not themselves. Men, your life is not about you; neither is mine. It’s time we lived that way. That’s why I’m doing this.

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  1. Barclay November 29, 2010 at 9:24 PM - Reply

    Welcome daddio! Way to jump in. Let me know when you officially go live so I can spread the word!

  2. Michael Worley December 15, 2010 at 4:48 PM - Reply

    Loved what you said here Craig “My conviction is that the primary characteristic that distinguishes immature, worldly men from mature, godly men is our center of focus.”

    Can’t wait to hear your future posts upon that center focus as a godly man…
    Thanks for being a man in my life that has modeled this conviction from a distance.

  3. Rob Lauer December 17, 2010 at 5:16 PM - Reply

    You started your very first blog with the following question, “Really, Craig? Do we really need another blog?” Please allow me to answer the question on behalf of those who know you and will know you in the future…YES…we need YOUR blog and the truth that will be shared through this resource.

    Thank you for your investment in men all over the world…because you care and remind us that WE matter…we are better husbands, fathers, brothers and friends.

  4. Wes Roberts December 20, 2010 at 3:12 PM - Reply

    …and I agree with Barclay, Michael and Rob!!!

    …might there be a little “unintended arrogance” to say you didn’t think you didn’t have something to say to counterbalance all that is being said in too many blogs

    …after all you’ve been through and after all the exceptional ways you’ve been led of the Spirit on your journey

    …Craig…to the max…I welcome your addition…and join your daughter in wanting to be notified when you “go live.” I want to announce that on my blog…which will certainly enhance it a ton. :-) I love letting people know about friends there.

    …you may want to also look at a new book by a long standing friend, Wes Yoder. It’s called “Bond of Brothers” and is a welcome read…MOST welcome…even in the midst of a pile of men’s books that often don’t take men where they need to be going. His does…and it’s born out of a long standing time with men in his neighborhood. Wes will be here in January, some time, and you are already on my list to invite for a meal when he is here. So check him out on Amazon.

    …thankful am I for you, Craig…very thankful!!!!!!!

  5. Alan Lee December 20, 2010 at 7:18 PM - Reply

    I can only add that you definitely should be blogging because you have a lot to share. Blogging lets us hear from you more often and more casually than a newsletter can. I welcome your insights, occasional ramblings, and questions…. all are OK with me; it is more authentic. We can always blame it on the thin air and high altitude out there in Colorado.


    • Craig Glass December 21, 2010 at 2:11 PM - Reply

      Great to hear from your part of the world, Alan. I invite, and look forward to, your insights.

  6. Brian Jose December 21, 2010 at 5:41 AM - Reply

    Craig, I was going to call you “Daddio” but Barclay beat me too it. I enjoyed the reflections on blogs, facebook, etc. More, please.

  7. George Ackron December 23, 2010 at 11:23 AM - Reply

    Loved your thoughts on becoming a blogger. You are spot on. With FB, TWITTER and YOU TUBE it can so easily become “all about my ministry and what I am doing” Twitter especially drives me batty. I am following ministry leaders and all they tweet about “most” of the time is where they have preached, where they have done church leadership conf., etc. I am worn out just reading them.

    As to FB and YOU TUBE you must have boundaries and dedicate all you do to moving the GOSPEL that THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS HERE NOW” forward.
    What I do at Renovator Ministries is not important but what the Trinitarian presence of God does IS!
    That is why I do not blog or video often. I only do so when provoked and the fruit I see and hear is humbling.
    If you ever read or see something otherwise at our site feel free to call me on it.
    Looking forward to your blogs as the Spirit leads.

    Abide brother,


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