Men matter. They just don’t think so.

Most men carry the weight of regret, self-doubt and shame just beneath their public presentation.

Our society’s relentless messages that imply that men are primarily self-absorbed party boys, bumbling fathers or violent sexual predators adds to the internal doubts men carry.

At Peregrine Ministries we are convinced that men have a God-designed foundation of significance. Men are built to bring life, protection and blessing to others.

We guide men into that calling so they pass on a life-giving legacy.

The Journey

Join a brotherhood of men just like you. We want you there!

For over ten years The Journey has provided guidance, encouragement and community for a wide spectrum of more than 100 men in Colorado Springs. Last fall we had 145 men from 12 states participate in our weekly virtual Journey groups. Now, we want YOU to join us as well. Our theme this Spring is “In the Arena.”

Craig Glass on Focus On the Family


Burning Down the Village

“The boys in the village must be guided into healthy manhood, or they will burn down the village, just to feel the heat.” African Proverb Once again, we are assaulted with the news of another “village,” this time a pleasant neighborhood grocery store in “safe” Boulder, CO, that suffers from the violent flames of a […]

In the Arena. Lesson 7—The Full Armor of God, Part 2

“Put on the full armor of God…” Eph. 6:10-18 In our previous post we acknowledged that, while our challenges as men these days are numerous, and some of our skirmishes differ from those of others, for all of us the primary battle in our arena, is not against flesh and blood. Our true enemy in […]

In the Arena. Lesson 6—The Full Armor of God, Part 1

In our journey in the theme of In the Arena, we’ve completed our study of I Cor. 16:13, 14 and now turn our attention to a new topic, an extremely relevant passage for us: Eph. 6:10-18. “Put on the full armor of God…” We all have challenges on numerous levels these days, but ultimately, the […]




Over 40 years of ministry experience in international missions, executive leadership and pastoral guidance. Experienced in one-on-one coaching, small group team facilitation and large group speaking.


Director of Operations

Jim’s journey with Peregrine began in 2004 when he attended a men’s retreat where Craig was one of the leaders.  Jim’s heart for men to live authentic, transformed lives resulted in a compelling call to join with Craig and Peregrine.