Dads Still Matter

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A friend in the Chicago suburbs sent me this notice today from the owner of a well-known business in that area: “I am writing to let you all know about the passing of my father. In this modern age where men are often the punch line in a bad joke, I’m here to tell you that Dads matter to sons – even when the sons are almost 50. My father died this morning from an unexpected stoppage of his heart. He had been battling cancer for about a year – and we thought we had a bit more time with him. Nonetheless, today was his appointed day – and I pray he is now at home...

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Saying Goodbye to Parents, Part VI (Oh, Craig. Don’t Do That.)

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My mother passed away in February, 2010, and my father in October, 2012, so you might think I’m done thinking about saying Goodbye to them. No, their memory and their touch on my life lingers. I’m reminded of them regularly. They were an integral part of my life for 57 years; it’s not surprising that it takes time to get used to their absence. (Click here to see my last post about Saying Goodbye) Sadly, every now and then I’m reminded of my impatience with them as they grew weaker and slower, and as their memories failed. In the summer of 2011 my wife, Beryl, and my son, Alec, and I took my...

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Deep Impact

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If you’re a man, I have good news for you, and I have sobering news for you. The good news: you matter. Despite the questions our society often raises about the value of men, and especially fathers (think Homer Simpson), you have a deeply important calling as a man. Your presence and your words have an enormous impact on those around you. The sobering news: you matter. Your words and presence have impact, but that impact can go either way. It can bring life, security and blessing into the lives of others, especially our wives and children—or it can bring fear, shame and violence. Glory or...

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A $45,000 Test of Character

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“It’s my attempt to establish a legacy that will last beyond me.” Those words jumped out at me in the following story by John Blake of CNN. Legacy. It’s the part of us that lives in others once we’re gone. We can’t determine our inheritance—what we receive from our parents, culture, schools and churches. That gets laid in our laps whether we like it or not. Good or bad. But we can determine our legacy. Every one of us will pass something on; the key question is, Will it be primarily blessing or primarily destruction. Glory or Ruin. Here’s a story of...

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Miracle Within The Miracle

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Would I have acted as Joseph did? We’re so familiar with the Christmas story that it’s easy to overlook an essential part of that miracle- Joseph’s amazing response to confusing and embarrassing circumstances. To summarize, the key parts of the story as told in Matt.1: After his fiancée Mary becomes pregnant, Joseph’s first reaction is to avoid embarrassing her publicly. V. 19 Rather than accusing her, or raging at her apparent unfaithfulness, he decides to separate from her quietly. V. 19 When told by an angel that the child is from the Holy Spirit, he does exactly...

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Our Highest Priorities and Deepest Values

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Thanks to my colleague, Jim Hughes, for spotting this gem. As an outdoorsman and father it’s right up his alley. At Peregrine we help men identify their highest priorities and deepest values, and then guide them to make courageous decisions to live by them. One of our organizational values is to regularly engage in the adventure and glory of God’s creation. We also call men to passionately live out the roles they have in life: son, brother, husband, father and grandfather. We urge you to take the time to view this spectacular short film, Searching for West, and follow this...

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